OK, so I wasn't supposed to go to Troy, or so I led Amy into believing.... Truth be told, I had known for a few weeks that I would indeed be taking off to go to the Troy/Storrs weekend extravaganza, but I decided I wanted to make it a surprise for Amy.I didn't even list the show on my site as an upcoming concert, and told all of 2 people I was going before the fact.So, I leave New Jersey, with a WHOPPING cold, destination: Troy.

I arrive in Troy a few hours before show time, and check myself into the Best Western only .5 miles away from the venue.Cool.I lay down for a while, eat dinner alone in the restaurant downstairs, then realize that the show starts at 7pm and not 730pm, so I bolt from the hotel around 635pm.

I get to the venue, make my way into the theatre, knowing full well that my seat is only 2 rows behind Amy.I walk up to her, hit her on the head with the program, and look away. She SQUEALS "Oh my god!!!!" Yay. I made her happy. :-) I was worried that I kept it a secret all that time and she'd not be surprised.

So, I get to meet all of her friends (basically everyone I've ever heard about for the past few months) and then I make my way to my seat because I was running a monster fever and needed to sit. The opening act begins...The Rusty Pipes. They were a cute a cappella group from the area. Entertaining yes, especially the one guy who spent most of the show jumping around and getting all the attention.

Next came the break between the opening act, and Rockapella. Some local radio guy came out and talked to us, and told us we couldn't take pictures. OK. Maybe I heard him say it, but my shutter finger didn't apparently ;-)

Finally, he lets them come out and play. Sigh. There they are. Kevin in the red zipper sweater (sigh) and black leather pants, Elliott in his new favorite red/black shirt, with his red pants from HSN last year, Scott was in his PBS outfit (SO CUTE), Barry was in the black pants/shirt with the sparkly blue over shirt and Jeff was in his PBS gear, sporting the zipper pants, black T-shirt and gold over shirt.

The night played out pretty typically, with some Christmas favorites thrown in. Amongst my favorite moments are: 1) Elliott telling us about how Eli now likes to say "Momma, I pissed off", 2.) Kevin HOWLING when he walked in front of the main speakers with his microphone (mic + speaker equals feedback). Kevin decided to try to cover the loud feedback with his howls/squeals which became a running theme for the whole show, and last but certainly NOT least 3.) Kevin looking the wrong direction for the pause in Kingdom of Shy. The last one was especially funny because at the Mamaroneck show, Kevin told the story about how he's always confused as to which way to look, and how he uses his "perifial" (READ: peripheral) vision to see which direction Scott was looking. Seems this time, his vision failed him. Everyone in the line was looking straight ahead, and Kevin was looking straight out at the audience! It was CLASSIC!

The show ended and we all piled out into the lobby, where we run into Phil. He tells us there won't be a meet and greet, so Amy gave him a can of brownies to give to Kevin (that she made for Kevin for his bday), and Phil told us he'd see us in Connecticut (funny how he assumed we'd be there, like there was no other way it could possibly be lol). We hung around talking for a little while, but eventually go to our respective homes/hotels. Next stop: Storrs.

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