Jorgensen Auditorium -  University of Connecticut

I wake up in my Troy, NY hotel room, and begin my travel to Storrs, Connecticut. I'm still really sick, but you can't let that stop you when Rockapella is concerned right?? I get into the car, and begin my journey. Everything seems great, I get on the highway, going in the right direction, only I think its the wrong direction, so I turn around and go the other way. Then I realize that I am going the wrong direction AGAIN (when I get to the END of the highway) so I turn around at the Crossgates Mall (or something like that). One hour later, I'm back where I started. Ok, I got it now. I make it ALL the way to about 10 minutes from the hotel in Storrs, when I get lost AGAIN. Took me a while to find the hotel, but finally I did.

I check into the hotel, and call Amy. Amy is still in Mystic, CT, so it will be a while before we can leave to go to the show. Meanwhile, Kathy pulls up, and we chat a little. Going back to our respective rooms, I sit on the bed and watch 7th Heaven, when all of a sudden what do I hear??? Jeff's sleigh bells!! Yay! I saw the commercial (only the 2nd sighting of it this year) in the hotel in Connecticut.

Finally Amy arrives and we get ready to leave. We go out for a bite to eat (which seems to take forever) and leave the restaurant at 730, for an 8pm show. OK, that's fine because supposedly we are close to UCONN. Only one problem, we can't seem to find UCONN!!! GRRRRRRRRR. We drive and drive, and finally figure out where we need to be. We pulled into the North parking garage at 815pm, and high tail it to the theatre. The instant we walk into the theatre, we hear the boyz singing (I believe it was Moments of You) and we see Phil in the lobby. He waves excitedly at us, and walks over to talk to us. Hmm. Phil, being nice. He ended up talking to us for 2 songs, and eventually said "I better let you guys go in now" and we went on our way. He was really sweet. We are really beginning to like Phil now. :-)

We are taken to our seats in Section A, Row D. Not too bad. It's the closest section to the stage, but in the mezzanine. I take out my new camera, and see how close I can get with the zoom....not bad! The spotlight washed them out a lot, so I had to try to take pictures of them when they weren't singing leads, but I got quite a few nice shots of them. The auditorium was full, SOLD OUT. The audience was very appreciative of our boyz. They gave their regular stellar performance. Scott took to calling himself "a dentist" and Barry was the "abominable snowman". Scott was then trying to remember the name of "Yukon Cornelius" (because they were playing at UCONN) and he said that Yukon Cornelius pushed the bumble over the mountain, but he wasn't afraid (that barry would get hurt being pushed off the mountain) because bumbles bounce.

The boyz ended with The Star Spangled Banner and Keep On Smilin', both kept the audience on their feet. During the banner, the audience was singing along, and it made me cry, it was just such a beautiful moment, and since the events of 9/11/01, its been hard to hear that song in general without getting all misty. Keep On Smilin' served as a remedy for my tears though, as we were all dancing in the seats. Literally. We all stood up and danced. It was great. I've always wanted to dance at a concert. :-)

The house lights came on, and Pick Up The Pieces started to play, which meant it was over. It was time for the meet and greet. Originally there wasn't supposed to be one because the boyz had another engagement, but it was cancelled at the last minute. Yay for cancellations! So, we got to see them. *sigh* We sat around in the lobby, listing to "The Con Men" a local a cappella group. Then, out came the boyz to the table. We decided to wait until the line died down before we got into it, as we wanted others who haven't met the boyz to get their chance first. We wait patiently and talk to the guys. Kevin isn't feeling well, poor kevin, but he has a big smile on his face none-the-less. Barry was very chatty with us, as we stood at the end of the table talking to him for what seemed to be hours, about anything and everything. His hair looked awesome that night too, but I didn't get to tell him. :-)

After the meet and greet was over, I didn't hug any of the boyz like I usually do, but who do I hug? Phil. I dont know why, I just really wanted to hug Phil. So I did. He hugs pretty well ;-) I think I'll make it a ritual. :-) hehe.

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