Adventure to St. Bonaventure...

Yay roadtrip. Funny but this trip was longer time wise than Maine. How insane is that? We went to St. Bonaventure, near Olean New York, which is right near the border of NY/PA but on the western side of NY. I'm jumping ahead of myself, though. (don't I always?)

Friday rolls around finally (after a long tiring week of being home and bored since I'm out of work from surgery and jobless anyway lol) and I go to my doctor and get rave reviews on my uterus (haha) and then I go to the mall and buy books with a gift card and a tank top with a coupon (top ended up being 2.50) and then I went home and waited for Laura's arrival at 6pm. (I know none of that was pertinent to the review, but oh well, it's my review lol)

Laura got to my place around 6pm, and I greet her outside as I was about to get my mail anyway. I find her on my stoop, with her cell phone in hand, talking to Ariana, who had IMed me to tell me to go outside anyway. Way to go with my instincts haha. We decided to go have dinner at Pizzeria Uno because we had time to kill before Amy and Louise would make their triumphant arrival to my condo. The waiter at Uno's screwed my order up twice. Sigh. Why do we always have issues at restaurants? We ate leisurely, talking about everything and nothing, and then went back to my place. We turned on Trading Spaces, and soon after, Louise and Amy arrived. Louise decided it would be funny to just hold the buzzer down for like 15 minutes til I got to it. Bitch. (haha you know I'm kidding) We all plopped onto my couches and talked and watched tvs, and ate carrots, and eventually they all went to bed. Of course, I wasn't exactly tired yet, so I started reading my book "Straight Talking" which I ended up reading til like 3am and didn't even want to stop then but I did. I read like, 110 pages. Oh, when Louise heard I bought books earlier in the night, she said "You read??? You're like, an advocate against reading!" it was kinda funny. (I understand where she was coming from based on my past history) My alarm was set for 8am. Yuck. I think I finally fell asleep around 4am. I wasn't a happy camper the next morning…

I woke up at 8am to my alarm which pissed me off because I hate morning and I had just gotten to sleep. Damned annoying buzzing loud thing. However, I got up, because it was Pella Day, and you can't be sad or pissed off on Pella Day, it's against the rules, you can be tired, though. I went out into the living room, and woke Louise up with my pussy. You sick f*ck I'm talking about Jewelie. I threatened to throw Jewelie on her. Jewelie was none to pleased with this. I went back to my bedroom and showered and packed and managed to be ready a little before 9 am. We all decided to make a quick stop at Quick Chek for some breakfast type foods, snacks, and drinks. We got on the road on our way to St. B around 9:15am.

The road trip proved to be fun, as road trips somehow always do, despite how much I dread them before the fact of them happening. Louise brought along the plastic blow up hammer that she won when we went to Great Adventure a few weeks ago, and that would become a staple to our road trip. (I forgot to mention, she brought it into my house on Friday night, and she held it up, and said it looked like a T, and if we were to get "big plastic other letters" we'd be able to use them to spell things at Pella. Big plastic other letters wasn't forgotten…hehe) Louise decided it would be fun to hit me with the hammer all the time, or mock beating the crap out of me so other motorists would see her and wonder what was going on. Then, we decided it would be funny to show it to other motorists. One side of the hammer says 'BANG!' on it, so we showed them that side and had a van full of men laughing at our insanity. Louise was going to show it to people that pissed us off with bad driving skillz, but then I guess that never really happened as she was too busy hitting me with it, or I was busy taking it from her and hitting her with it. We were the 5 year olds for the trip. The youngest and the oldest on the trip, but both 5 at heart apparently. Poor Laura had never been a part of insanity such as ours, so she had to adjust. Amy is used to it hehehe. After a while. Louise and I decided to serenade Amy and Laura with our tearful rendition of some song and it was a big hit! (If you've ever heard Paula and I sing together, think the exact opposite of that. If you've never heard Paula and I sing, well then just think of Louise and I screaming in monotone.) Laura and Amy laughed a lot at how insane we were, and I think Laura then took some pain pills haha. Somewhere along the way, I started talking like I talk when I see Jewelie. (Brief history: Jewelie = Jewelie Bees, which equals beezy booze, which equals boozy bees, which then sometimes becomes Boozy Boozy Boozy - long story but every cat has many names with me, but they all come from my thought process - or lack thereof - your call.) So, Boozy Boozy Boozy became something that was said whenever we saw something really cute, because Jewelie is really cute. If you don't believe me, look at this picture. See, I told you. Anyway. We said that a lot.

We stopped a few times on the drive up. Once for peeness, once for food at Arby's (yum chicken strips) and then arrived shortly after the 3:30pm mark at the hotel, however we wouldn't have gotten there so soon, had I not noticed that they renumbered the exits on Route 80, and that we needed to take one that had a different number than we thought. We were originally thinking that we had to get off at exit 18 to get onto 219, however it ended up being like, exit 97 instead. Had I not noticed when I did, and said that I thought we had to turn around, we would have zoomed right by the exit and kept going for a loooooong time and would have lost a lot of time. Instead, the exit we were going to turn around on turned out to be the one we needed. Crisis averted and we arrive in about 6 hours instead of like 8. Not bad. We initially went to the Best Western, cuz for some reason Amy thought that's where we were, even though the Comfort Inn looked really familiar to me (I'd seen the picture online earlier that day) but I went with it assuming I was on crack. We had them look up our names, and neither of us were listed, so we went across the street to the Comfort Inn, where we were indeed listed, and we got our rooms. My room had a mix-up and wasn't listed as non-smoking, and supposedly there were no other rooms that were non-smoking for the rate I had, so I ended up paying about 6 dollars more and got a "business suite" which was a king bed room, with a little room attached to it with a table and a couch. I also had a mini refrigerator and microwave (which later came in handy.) We decided to leave ASAP, so I ironed my outfit, washed my face, reapplied makeup, got dressed and was fixing my hair as the others knocked on my door. About 3 minutes later, we leave.

It was raining outside, yuck, but luckily I had my awesome mini umbrella in my purse that I bought in Manhattan (proving to be the best 25 bucks I've spent in NYC) so I was able to not get too wet. We had to stop at the convenience store, because in my morning haste, I forgot to pack pantyhose (DUH!) and I paid like 5 bucks for 1 pair and prayed to God that I didn't get a run in them as soon as I tried putting them on. We got into the car, and managed to get to the venue around 5:15pm but as it turns out, the show wasn't scheduled to begin until 8:30pm. said 7:30pm, and our ticket stub said 8:30pm, so we weren't sure as to what would happen when we got there, and it's always better to be safe than sorry, especially for a General Admission show. We probably could have gotten away with not even having tickets to the show, but that's for later. We found the Reilly Center and heard Pella being blasted over the PA. Initially, we thought it was them doing sound check, but then when we got inside, we realized it was just Fred, playing old recordings. Laura and Louise stayed behind in the gym while Amy and I went to the rest room so that I could put on my pantyhose (ahhhhh) and on our way back, we heard Big Bad John. I immediately started flipping out. It was great. I miss that song. I miss Barry. I love George and what he's done for RP, but I do miss Barry too…

Louise and I decided to scope out the place, because there appeared to be MANY entrances into the arena, and we didn't want to end up waiting at the wrong door and risk not getting a good seat, especially when we got there 3 hours early. So, we had fun, walking around, and waving hello to Amy and Laura from every door in the arena. It was seriously funny but I think you had to be there (as is seemingly the case for most funny things that happen between all of us). Once we found the stairs to get to the lower level, we found ourselves wandering amidst long hallways of random doors with words on them. Most of them were coaches offices or something, but it was weird and we didn't really belong down there since we didn't go to the school. We ended up finding the "green room" with all of the pre-show food in it for the boyz and we joked about eating it. Of course we didn't eat it. We went back upstairs and decided it would be best to stay at the door we had come across originally, and just wait.

Phil arrived around 6pmish and proceeded to have an entire conversation with us from the stage (which was like a million feet away on the lower level, we were in the upper level of the arena) and he said "hi Jennifer, Amy…" and then he couldn't remember Louise's name, so I kept trying to sign it to him, apparently he never learned sign letters, else he thought I was making an "L" to call him a loser...either way he finally picked up on the L and said "Luigi?" and we laughed a lot. (He must have gotten wind of Louise liking to hit things with the hammer and called her Luigi for Mario Bros…hehe) Laura came back from being in the hallway shortly after that happened, so he didn't have to name her. After he was done talking to whomever on the stage, he came up the stairs and began talking to us. We told him about the time mix-up on the RP site, and he told us to try to let Bob know if we ever see mismatches so they can try to catch them. He also told us that he arranged to have us stay for sound check, and we were very appreciative! (thanks Phil!!!) Oh, he also told us the story behind the diagram he drew involving the runaway dump truck they avoided at a previous gig, until the college a cappella groups started sound check and we could no longer talk. Booo. We ended up having to hear the college groups twice, but it was ok because it prompted Louise's making up background lyrics to "Under the Boardwalk" consisting of "wocka wocka boardwalk", "roofy roofy roof" and "proof proof. One hundred proof." It was funny. Unfortunately we never got to use the back-ups, as the boy group stopped singing it and moved on to "What I Got" which was not very good, so apparently what they've got, ain't a hell of a lot. No offense, but I don't think they were very picky when it came to admittance into the group. The girl group was decent, for an all-girl a cappella group. I've never been very fond of those to begin with, unfortunately. After all the collegiates, Jeff took the stage to thump a lot and do whatever it is he does to test his mics. Then, he left and they were testing the lights, and then finally pella came out one at a time, eventually ending with all 5. Elliott was serenading Fred with "the nearness of you" and it was insane. As pella did their check, some people started taking seats down in the front row (even though people weren't supposed to be in there, some others were since they were associated with the other groups performing) and after some inappropriate dancing up in the rafters we decided to take some seats below. We ended up sitting in the 2nd row, since those people took the entire front row. So much for getting there 3 hours earlier, I suppose. We probably should have peed on the seats, as was noted earlier on when we realized how territorial we were over the venue hehe. Second row ended up being perfect though, so there are no complaints. After the sound check, some of the guys stuck around to chat it up a bit. I was able to say hi to George before he ran away to get ready, and then I talked to Elliott and Kevin (and hugged all 3 of them - yay hugging - cute boy should take a lesson from pella and let me hug him hehe - read my diary if you don't know who he is…) Kevin asked me how I was doing from my surgery, and I told him all was going well, but that I was being laid off, which led to him making a pouty face. It's very nice to realize they are concerned about us, it makes you realize that you aren't just another face to them. It's nice, and definitely beyond the call of duty as far as I'm concerned. I think they know how appreciative we are of them, though. Eventually, Kevin and El left to get ready, and we hung out. The doors to the venue opened up to all at about 7:30pm, so we laid our stuff on our seats and wandered about for a bit. The show started on time, beginning with the 2 college groups.

The show in and of itself was about the usual, though shorter than usual. The guys looked good, and seemed to have having fun, though the audience was a bit dull. Scott tried to win them over, talking to them about the various basketball players who's names he recognized hanging in the arena. Elliott was Elliott and rambled on many times during the night. I don't really remember much specific about the show, except that it was the usual, and that George wouldn't stop staring at me when he sang Papa. I think he was trying to break me. It didn't work, so HA! I still love that song. It just has a great energy to it, and they all really seem to get into it. Louise had some funny comments directed at El during the show, the funniest to me was "I found a dollar once" because she was just making fun of his randomness by being random. I don't know if he heard her, but it was funny none-the-less. I didn't hear her other comment, so I can't say if it was funnier hehe. Elliott rambled about: Corning Ware, taking 2 cars to the venue - from Corning NY, Debbie having Jules in the bathtub and how he highly recommended it --not that he thought college kids should be needing this advice at this stage in their lives, about how they were there in 1998 and that he assumed nobody in the audience was a student in 1998, and various other things I'm sure that I don't remember. Kevin talked about the weather, cuz apparently he likes to rub in the fact that he's from Florida and the weather is always beautiful hehe. George never talks. I wonder what's up with that. The set ended with just 2 encore songs, because the audience was like singing to a dead fish. I don't know why, but they were just dull. The pretty woman of the evening was a mother of a boy that went to school there, and she did well, but it wasn't anything memorable.

After the show, the arena cleared out in no time. There were only a few people that stayed behind in the hopes of a meet and greet, and most of them were probably diehards that were familiar with the whole meet and greet idea. We hung out and the Amy talked to Phil and he said they'd be coming out, so we went and put our stuff on the bleachers nearest the door that was nearest the "green room". Jeff was the first to come out, and Louise gave him a biiiiiiiiiig hug so I decided I might as well. I'm saving up hugs. I tend to need them during the week when I'm all alone and bored. Hehe. He commented on how Laura looked really good in red, and then said "you guys never wear red" and commented on how people don't wear red to the shows, and then we mentioned that the pretty woman on their PBS special was wearing red, and he was like "oh yeah" and then he told us an interesting story about that whole thing. Then he left to go talk to others. I can't remember who I talked to next, I think it might have been Elliott, when he was showing pictures to Louise on his Palm Pilot of Jules and Eli and Debbie and then one of himself when he was 18 and had what he lovingly calls "the jewfro." It was sooooo cute. Sometime after this, I was handed Amy's phone, on the other end was Stef, and I talked to her for a little bit, when Scott decided to walk up to me. I decided he needed to talk to Stef, so I told her I was giving the phone back to Amy, but then gave it to him instead. They talked, I don't know what about, but the entire time he kept looking up at me, then at my shoes, then back up at me, then at my shoes…not sure if he liked my shoes, or was just being weird. He ended his convo and handed me back the phone and then I gave it to Amy and we chatted a little about my cat (no clue - I think because I decided to say Boozy boozy boozy while he was there and he was like "what?") and then he left to go sign things. Next, George came over to me, and I chastized him for not wearing the ring I gave him, but he ended up having a decent excuse, so I decided to let it slide, but I gently reminded him that he only sees me like, once a month, and that he should probably just remember to wear it then hehe and he laughed. Amy took some shots us of talking (without telling us) you can see them on her pbase site . After George, I ended up talking to Kevin a bit about my surgery, my job, life stuff. I got lots of hugs over the course of the night from many of them. Yay. I needed them. I saw Amy over with Phil and she was hugging him so I decided Phil would want to be sandwiched, so I went up behind him and hugged him, then the 3 of us joked around about something not appropriate for a review and he told the guy he was standing with that he suddenly lost his train of thought. Hehe. Somehow, he got onto the subject of us being really white, noting Amy's legs, and then he showed us his stomach (he had crazy black/red underwear on too but I don't know what they said lol) and we saw how pasty he is so he has no room to talk, he's just got the farmer tan going on. Finally, we decide to make our way out of the venue, as things are wrapping up. We find Louise with Elliott on the bleachers and we make her say he goodbyes so we can go eat some food. We all left very happy with the show and the meet and greet, overall.

On our way home, we stopped at the supermarket near the hotel which we happened upon by accident, and bought some microwavable food to eat back at the hotel, since most food establishments (ok ALL) were closed at midnight. Got back to the hotel around 12:20 am, and heated up our food in my microwave (so glad that fate had me get that suite instead) and watched trading spaces for a half hour til it was over, and then Date Patrol, where we learned how to flirt with men by raising our eyebrows while drinking, then removing the glass from our lips, and cocking our heads. Oh, and also, when you are talking to a guy you like, apparently you should look into their eyes, then look at their lips, then look at their eyes again. To me that seems insane, if I saw someone doing that I'd probably ask them wtf was wrong with them, but to each his own. By the end of the episode the chick had landed 2 dates! The girls left my room at 2 am to go to bed. I watched a little more tv before going to sleep myself around 3 am.

I got up the next morning at 10:57 am, as I woke up 3 minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off. Showered, packed, and checked out at noon. We went to the convenience store for Amy to get a coffee, and then we were on the road. We made the same time coming home as we did going there. Louise and I continued being insane 5 year olds in the back seat, but it got even worse this time. At this point, all the sayings from our weekend were running rampant, and the hammer was swinging like crazy. The 4 of chatted it up about the show and a bunch of other random stuff, and then Louise and I started "singing" again. This time, Sean's "alt.mania" CD was in the CD player, and somehow, I decided to start singing in the style of Bob Dylan. This caused everyone in the car to absolutely split their sides laughing. I'm considering making a sound byte of my most famous line, if I make it, I'll link to it here. It was "I'm a man…I've got problems" (meaning, I'm just a man, I've got my problems from "I'm a Man") It was insane. I also need to make a recording of me saying "Boozy boozy boozy." Before my fine Dylan impersonations, Louise and I sang "Dandelion" in a way that only we can. It was insane.

We stopped a few times along the way, but ended up making it back here around 6:15pm, and I got very sad because I HATE when it's over. I hate when friends leave. I hate returning to the reality of no job and whatnot. It was great while it lasted though, and I have created even more memories with great friends, and remain happy knowing that there will be more memories to come, and many more miles to traverse. Love to my girls, both the ones on this trip, and the ones that weren't. Hopefully we'll all go somewhere soon!

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