Veterans Memorial Auditorium -  Concert and Afterglow Party

Ah, Providence, Rhode Island. Scratch off state number 6 on the map, for I have seen Rockapella in 6 states! Thats right count 'em: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia and Rhode Island. I love it. Obsessed, I suppose, but what better way to pursue my happiness, but by seeing my favorite group, in different parts of the country.

First of all, the show was really good. Rockapella's portion of the show, though abbreviated, was good. There were 3 other groups in this "Evening of Acapella Harmony". The other 3 groups were great, but I was getting antsy after an hour of waiting for the boys, since I was given a little taste of the night at the sound check. (Many thanks to Jeff M. who made it possible for the Yahoo! Club folks to attend the sound check and the afterglow party!!! We love ya.)

The best part of the evening though was definitely the Afterglow party. It was just as much, if not more fun, than the Hofstra reception. Since the party was mostly for chorus members and their guests, Rockapella wasn't the star of the party, so they hung out with Amy, Sue, Louise and me ALL night long. We saw Scott stuff his face yet again. Someone even asked Kevin if Scott ever stops eating, and Kevin said "yeah" and left it at that lol. We all needed to calm down a bit.

On the way down to the party, Elliott got down there and stood on the steps, followed by the rest of us Yahooers and Kevin and Scott. Me, in my infinite wisdom, asked Elliott if I could hug him to "make Kevin jealous" and Elliott threw open his arms and played along, and Kevin just walked by. After letting go, Elliott said "do you think it worked?" It was sooo cute. Sue then proceeded to PUSH me into Elliott, causing me to yell loudly while a group was singing at the party, and causing Elliott to "shush" me. Hehehe. Elliott shushed me. If it were anyone else, I wouldn't have cared, but come on, it was Elliott. I did my best to shut up, at least for that instant. Lasted about 2 minutes lol.

We lived in a dream last night. We basically had Rockapella all to ourselves. It was a once in a lifetime experience I think, after all how often do you get a room full of people, yet have RP all to yourselves? The night included picking on Kevin alot, Scott telling Sue and Louise that their "bitching time is up", and measuring Scotts hind side with a stretchy frog. Scott also promised me Indiana at an upcoming gig, so Scott if you are reading this.... (yeah OK, so I am dillusional thinking Scott might actually read my website lol).

We also got the chance to kick Kevin's ass. :-) Heres the proof.

Left to Right: Scott, Kevin, Jenn, Louise and Sue

All in all, it was a great night. Thanks guys! We love you!! :-)

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