Say it with me…. “I’m going to Kentucky”.   Yup, I couldn’t believe it either.  I have officially gone from diehard to dieharder.  I was booked to take a bazillion modes of transportation, all just to get to see the boyz in Kentucky.  It all started on Wednesday, after work, the night before the show.  I had to travel up to Albany, because airfares out of my local airport when we ordered tickets, were about double of what it was if I flew out of Albany. 


I manage to get my exboyfriend now friend, Bob, to take me to the train station in Linden (which is farther than the one he could have taken me to but he’s being nice) right after work.  I hop on a 6:02 train to NYC, beginning leg one of my trip.  Next was a cab ride from Penn Station to Grand Central Station, because I had 2 bags and it was freezing out and I needed to get a train pronto out of Grand Central Station to Poughkeepsie.  I got to GCS, got my ticket, a coke and some Cheez-its, and hopped onto the almost moving train.  Whew.  It’s a 100+ minute ride to the last station stop on the Hudson River line, Poughkeepsie, so I get out a book and chill.  The train ride was uneventful.  By the time we reached Poughkeepsie, I was like the only one in my car.  Hehe.  Amy drove all the way down to Poughkeepsie to pick me up.  Yay Amy!


I get to the station and Amy is waiting there for me.  We drive back to Albany and I see Amy’s place for the first time, watch John Edward on SciFi, and go to bed for our early 6:30am wake up.   Neither of us slept much, between excitement for the trip, and Jaime being up all night throwing up in the bathroom.  Ewww. 


We get up at 6:30am on little sleep and shower and jet off to the airport, preparing to be cavity searched by airport security, but to our dismay, we got right through hehe.  Some people were being wanded and suitcases searched, but it was pretty random.  Our first flight was at 10:15am.  We boarded what is now known as the “flying hotdog”.  I swear, this plane was a hotdog.  It had 3 seats across.  That’s IT.  (well like maybe 20 rows) We had to board it via stairs off the runway hehe.  We weren’t even allowed to keep our carry-ons, they put them under the plane.  It was very small.  We started driving down the runway, and I made a joke that the plane wasn't even a plane, and that we'd be driving all the way to our destinations.   On our descent to the first airport, we hit these "rumble strips" in the sky. It was funny. It became a running theme for the rest of the flights, that once we hit the "rumble strips" we were almost down. We landed in Ohio, actually arrived on time, and awaited our connection to Nashville International an hour later.  We had lunch at a BK. (Amy thinks she saw Tim McGraw there).  Zool is still nowhere in sight. 


We boarded hotdog number two for the day.  More peanuts. Yay!  Hehehe.  Amazingly enough, again, we arrive with no problems.  Zool must be busy with someone else.  We get our rental car, a white 4-door Ford Focus, and start our drive to Madisonville, Kentucky.  Believe it or not, we found our way perfectly.  Not a single wrong turn was made.  I even went 110 on the highway, cuz there was nobody around and I wanted to see what 110 felt like.  Yeah I know, fast, but whatever lol.  It was only 40 over the speed limit lol.  Plus, I only did it for about 20 seconds.  We got to the hotel around 3:30pm. 


There we were, at the front desk, when who should come walking down the stairs but a Mr. C. Scott Leonard IV.  We say “Hi Scott” and he just about falls over seeing that we’ve come all this way to see them.  He stayed and basically stared at us for a few minutes, and then made his way out with their driver.  He had these way cool sunglasses on, with a yellow or orangeish tint.  Awesome.  His hair was perfect, as usual.  It really isn’t fair. 


We checked into our rooms and had dinner.  Uneventful.  We come back, and shower for the show.   Around 6pm, while Amy was in the shower, I decided to go out into the hall to see if the vending machine had water.  My hair was soaking wet, I was half dressed in my outfit for the evening, with NO makeup on, and who should walk up to me, but a Mr.  Kevin Wright.   Figures.  The one I love the most, sees me at my worst.  That must have been Zool getting back at me for all he had missed earlier in the day.  Kevin stopped in the hall in front of my hotel room **sigh** and talked to me for a few minutes.  I even felt up his shirt for the show hehe it was fun.  (Shut Up! It was on a hanger, not on him! Sheesh!)  He was on his way to sound check, so I didn’t keep him, though you all know I wanted to right?  I watched Kevin walk away (stop thinking that I wasn’t even implying that!) and I literally ran into my room and pounded on the adjacent door into Amy's room.  She answered the door half naked and I was all screaming "Kevin is here"!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  It was fun. 


We got "all pretty dolled up", and off to the venue we go.  We took 1 wrong turn, well actually we didn’t take the turn, hence ended up wrong, but it only sidetracked us for maybe a mile until we turned around and went back.  After that, no worries.  The venue was nice.  Held about 1,100 seats the usher said.  The seating was all long rows, with highest numbers on the Kevin side, lowest on the Jeff side.  Row A was the first row.  There was also a balcony.  (FYI I wrote all that so that I can remember seating if they are ever there again, its not really relevant).  Thanks to Barb, Amy and I upgraded our seats from Row D seats 35 and 36, to Row A, seats 27 and 28.  (there were only 30 seats in row A)  The show started with House of the Rising Sun.  Sigh.  There they are,  in all their suit-ness.  My god they are hot.  It was funny seeing some of their reactions, seeing some of us in the front row.  We had many states represented that night, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky, Connecticut and Tennessee! Go diehards!!  I think the venue only acknowledged 6 states, but that’s probably because some of us ordered together, so they didn’t know there were more states, however the MC did acknowledge how many of us came far just for our boyz!  


Scott did the intros, as usual, before Moments of You, and announced himself as Cupid.  Kevin took to making a Cupid pose all throughout the night.  Ever notice Kevin always has something weird for each show?   I wonder if that’s spontaneous?  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics of him in the pose to show you, as it always happened so fast!  You can, however, see all my pics of this show here.


All in all it was a great show, as usual.  I can’t remember anything in particular that stands out, except for during Big Bad John, when the Andrews sisters went into the wrong backup music, Barry kept going like a trooper, and Scott, Kevin and Elliott had to eventually get out of it, which they actually did, and very well.  Kudos to them.  They actually laughed about it, right along with the diehards that knew what was going on.  I actually prefer seeing them mess up, it gives them that human quality, and its even better when they find as much humor in it as I do.  I love people that take themselves seriously, but not to the extent that makes them boring.  During 16 Tons, Amy and I did the usual shout outs.  At first, I think Scott didn’t think we were gonna do it, but then we did, and he stopped.  Barry laughed.  Anything that makes Barry laugh, is good.  They did Don’t Tell Me You Do as part of the encore.  That was really nice.  I love that song.  They said it was a request, which I found odd since it was Valentine’s Day.  I guess someone was bitter hehe.  Either way, I’m not complaining, I love that song.  So touching. 


After the show, there was a meet and greet, YAY for meet and greets.  I waited for the line to die down a bit, then got in.  Said hello to them all, and ended up where I always seem to end up, standing at the end of the table, talking to Barry.  Hehe.   I told Barry that I loved his hair longer, and he seemed shocked.  He said “yeah but its so much maintenance”.  I added that I liked it much better longer, than when he gets the short crew cut style.  Afterwards, I asked Barry if he read the book (the pellamiles book I gave them in January) and he said that he did indeed read it, and that he liked it a lot. He was all smiley.  Then, Elliott overheard, and said he read it too.  As a matter of fact, it’s Eli’s new favorite thing to do, so they keep the book out on their table for him to look at every day! How cute is that!! I can’t believe something I put together, is now something loved by one of their kids.  I am really flattered. Elliott was even more smiley then Barry, cuz he was talking about Eli.  Makes you wish you had a dad like that doesn’t it?  (Ok, sorry enough of my past lol)


The meet and greet came to a close, cuz the boyz had to get their grub on, so we all made our way and gathered up all the Yahoo folks that were going to Amy’s party at Applebees.  I believe about 15 of us ended up going, and everyone I talked to had a great time.  I especially enjoyed being able to spend time with all the folks I never met til that night, and I hope we can all get together again like that real soon.  Maybe at the convention….Amy had invited the guys to come out with us, but unfortunately they had a flight at suck o’ clock in the morning to get back to their families.  Sigh.  What men.  Talented, and devoted.


In case they are reading (yeah right but I can dream right…) Thanks guys, for making this years Valentine’s Day, and Amy’s birthday, very special.  See you in Delaware! 

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