Hofstra University  -  After Concert Reception

The reception. Where do I begin with this momentous event?? It was the most exciting thing I have ever attended, with the guys involved anyway. The concert ended, and all the diehards were hanging out in the theatre trying to figure out where the reception was. Eventually, they had to tell us to leave. Geez. We were just trying to find out where the reception was being held and how to get there. Calm down.

So, we exit the building and make our merry way to the student center. In order to walk to the student center, you had to cross over a bridge that crossed a 4 lane highway. Sooooo cool. (I have this weird fascination with things like this hehe). We get to the other side of the street and are met by some Camp Heartland volunteers. They escorted us down some stairwells and hallways (I swear it felt like we were going to some secret location) and dropped us off at the door to where the reception was being held. He we are! No Rockapella yet, but we are all there.

The room it was in was a typical multi purpose type room with a bunch of round tables in it and a lot of windows. The room was 2 levels, you walked in and had to walk down a set of like 5 stairs in order to get down to the bottom floor of the room. There were tables set up all along the top wall full of drinks, soda, water, etc. Down on the lower floor, there were tables and tables of food. From what I could tell, since I didn't eat, I saw people eating chicken wings, roast beef, and cake. I didn't see what else was there though I am sure there was a lot more!

When Amy and I walked into the room and down the front stairs, Sue, Louise and gang had already secured a table, so they called us over and we took 2 seats. Kathy came up shortly after and sat next to me. After a while, she got up to get in line for food…

Bear was the first to arrive, with kids in tow. Then the next I saw was Scott. Somehow after that I didn't see the order of arrival. The only reason I noticed Bear, then Scott, was because they got in line for food right away! Hehe. Actually, Kevin was in line about 2 or 3 people behind Scott, so he must have been next to enter. As Scott was getting food, I couldn't' help but notice that his back was towards me, so I snapped a few shots that can be seen here. Then Kevin, same deal, so of course I got one of him too hehe.

After Scott got his food, he was walking by our table (opposite the side I was sitting on) and I happened to be looking at the pic I took of his hindside and said, Hey Scott you wanna see your a__ and much to my surprise, he said, "What do you want to show me?" LOL!!! I was flipping out. I said "Oh, nothing!" and he kept moving. A minute later, he came up to the chair next to me and asked if anyone was sitting there. I said "You are" and hence Scott Leonard sat at our table! (Poor Kathy had to get another chair and make Scott move over, but he didn't appear to mind at all) Scott sat there and stuffed his face. Seriously, I have never seen the man so focused as he was on that plate of chicken wings and roast beef! HAHA. It was so cute. He very graciously let people take pictures of him at the table, and also signed everything he could as he was eating. Poor man. He needs to eat! Can't you see how thin he is??? As he sat there eating, he was talking to me and I mentioned what lengths their fans go to in order to see them, and told him about how I was hit on the way to the show. The mans face dropped and he got the most concerned look in his eyes and on his face and he said "Oh my goodness" and I quickly jumped in with the "Oh, no, its OK!" I had been hit in bumper to bumper traffic on the Beltway. The guy behind me tapped us. He might have been going 5-10 mph. The car was fine, Amy and I were fine. The concern on his face was just so genuine, it was priceless.

Anyway, he stays at our table for about 15-20 minutes, and then excuses himself to go mingle with the other guests (and to get more food). I can't believe I was sitting next to him the whole time! Amy and I then decided to pick a line and get in it, we chose Kevin's line as it was the shortest at the time. Somehow, she and I ended up waiting like 10 minutes though because people were descending the stairs and getting on the other side of Kevin. Eventually, Kevin made his way to us, as he knew we were waiting oh so patiently for him! We took a picture of the three of us, only after Kevin took us both into his arms and hugged us. Sigh. We love Kevin!

After Kevin we went up the stairs to where Jeff was hanging out. He was talking to quite a few people, then it was our turn. We joked with him about never remembering our names, we get our pictures taken with him, and then we move on to Elliott who was back in the corner hanging out with a few people. Poor Elliott, sick with a cold, and still graciously signing autograghs and talking to people. You have to admire him for that! Amy and I didn't want to make him pose with us since he wasn't' feeling well, so we had him sign our things and we made our way to Barry. But wait! Where's Barry??!?!?!?!

Oh No! We missed him! No…wait, there he is, by the door. We literally run towards the door, and catch Barry on his way out. He graciously stopped at our request and even took pics with us. He gives THE BEST hugs ever! He also told me that he made his own cologne, after I commented on how nice he smelled. Hmmm "Bear" by Barry Carl. LOL. I didn't ask him how he made it, or what he called it, but boy it was nice.

Barry made his way out and Amy and I walked back down the stairs, where Kevin was hanging out with April and Aura and friends. Kevin and Aprils friend (possibly relative) were singing Les Miz! Funnier still, Kevin couldn't remember most of the words to "A Little Fall of Rain". Hehe. It was cute. Amy came to the rescue though and told him what he was lacking. After that, a bunch of us in that group sang Zombie Jamboree for him. He really looked entertained by it. It was a lot of fun.

Phil then came over and told Kevin that there was a car waiting outside and that they all had to get outta there. Kevin, being the gentleman that he is, gave Amy and I one last hug before he left. Sigh.

We had an awesome time. Phil even came up to us after the reception and thanked us for being such terrific fans! He is truly a gem.

Rockapella - you are truly a class act. We all had the best time at Rockapella Rendezvous 2001, and cannot wait until next year!!

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