Adams Playhouse - Hofstra University - June 2,2001

Ok, where do I begin on this eventful day? How about the beginning? First of all, Amy decided to come and stay with me for the weekend so that we could go to Hofstra together, so any time I say we, its me and Amy. On saturday Amy and I got up after a long nights sleep and got ready for the concert. We wanted to leave NJ by 4:00pm in case there was any traffic. Boy - was there traffic.

We are in bumper to bumper traffic on the Belt Parkway in NY from the time we cross the bridge, basically until the time we got off. While waiting in this traffic, a guy decides to rear-end me. He was probably only going about 5 maybe 10 mph, but still, could you use your brake pedal please Mr. BMW?? Geez! Luckily, there was no damage to my car, though I didn't even know that until I got to Hofstra because it was pouring down rain and I didn't want to get out of the car. I was 99% sure that it was only a tap, and I checked the mirror several times to check for damage to his car. We finally get off the Belt and onto the Southern State Parkway. Six miles later, we are within a few miles of the university.

It took a little time to figure out where Adam's Playhouse was, but once we did, we went out for a bite to eat, as we had about 90 minutes to kill. After eating, we make our way back to the playhouse, where we meet up with our gang. Louise, Sue, Kathy, Nicole, and some others I can't recall at this late hour, were all gathered in the center of the lobby. Excitement was building, ushers were staring, it was your typical waiting for the house to open moment. Everyone was dressed up for the occasion, after all, not only was this a Rockapella concert, it was also a charity event for Camp Heartland. We each bought whatever chances we wanted in the "Sing with Rockapella" and "Win Rockapella Goodies" raffles that were being held that evening.

The house opens, and we all rush to find our seats. The playhouse was your typical college theatre, as far as I am concerned, complete with 3 sections on the floor, and a balcony. My seats were located on the left side (the Kevin side of course) Row G, Seats 5&7 (which later became 9 and 11 as the people next to us did not show up - can you say AISLE?) Before the show, Camp Heartland did about 45 minutes worth of presenting to us which made us all pretty antsy, but the wait was well worth it, as usual.

The guys ended up doing a total of 24 songs that night I believe, complete with some new additions to the setlist. I was very excited about the new additions. I love Rockapella to death, but being a diehard who has already gone to 5 shows in 2001, I was yearning for something new to bounce off my eardrums.

The night started out with House of the Rising Sun, a song that was added earlier this year in replacement of I Am Your Man. The guys came out, looking terrific as usual, and sounding even better. Next came Moments Of You, complete with butt slapping by both Kevin and Scott. Very cute guys. Now, I was expecting This Isn't Love to come next, but to my delight they started with So Much Better. The song sounded great, and they even added a little bit to change it up from the original. Next, Elliott took center stage. He spoke for a little while, and he sounded like he had a cold. He didn't mention it, so I thought maybe my ears were deceiving me, but then he cracked during Let's Get Away, and I knew he was indeed sick. Now most people would get all angry and upset about what happened, but Elliott handled it like the true pro he is! Later on in the song Scott did his scat and purposely cracked it in jest of what happened to Elliott. It was all they could do to finish the song, they were laughing that much! It was great to see them having such a good time, and great to see that they are indeed human as well.

The next part of the set that threw me off was the last song before intermission, Have A Little Faith. I was so excited! Two new (well revived) songs in the first half of the evening! This is great! This song wasn't without its moments too, Kevin was doing his impression of Steven Tyler (as he was ALL night since they had sung with him in Boston 3 days previous to this show) and Scott even threw in "Dude Looks Like a Lady" into the song. It was priceless.

After intermission, Camp Heartland took over again for a spell to draw the winners of the raffles. Our very own Nancy (Pretty Woman in Rahway - Oct 2000) won the chance to sing with Rockapella! Sometime during their set (I can't remember at which song - I think after 60 Minute Man) Rockapella auctioned off framed hearts, each one decorated by a member, and each containing a sound chip within the frame. Each Pellaman recorded whatever came to his mind, but many were willing to change theirs for the person that won. Scott recorded part of Funky Monkey right there on stage for the winner of his heart. It was precious. Elliott had already sung Rock River into his, so nobody requested that be changed!

After the hearts were auctioned off, they did Carmen San Diego. Jeff did the longest solo that I have ever heard, I just kept thinking to myself, my god this is long! I don't know if anyone timed it, but I think it was close to 3 minutes. It was by far the best I have heard to date. Nancy got her chance on stage with the boys right after Jeff's solo, but she decided to just dance around with them. She said she couldn't sing. Hehe.

The encore threw a different song at us as well, Amazing Grace. It was absolutely beautiful. You could feel Kevin's church roots coming through when he sang parts of this song. Purely angelic. Up On The Roof/Wonderful Wonderful World was on mic much to my dismay. I am not sure why they did that.

Rockapella then decided to take requests from the audience, and suddenly realized they could raise even more money for Camp Heartland by auctioning off song requests. People Change, the first to be auctioned off, went for $200.00. Scott restarted the song 3 times, as he kept forgetting the words! Eventually, he just skipped right to the chorus lol. Every time they restarted they would jokingly bring the price down a little. next song was Tempted - auctioned off for $150.00. Indiana went for only $100.00 and Change in My Life went for a whopping $200.00!

After Change In My Life the guys left the stage, and the usual after concert song, Pick Up The Pieces, came on. We all mustered about and tried to find out where the reception was being held.

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