Hi, we’re in Delaware…..


This weekend was fantastic!  I am going to have to start with Friday night, because that’s really when it started for us.  Friday after work I went into the city to meet up with Amy, Cheryl, Jade and Karen to have dinner then go to the Sean CD release party.  Amy, Cheryl and I meet at 6:45pm in Penn Station but Karen and Jade didn’t show so we moved along to eat on the way to Arlene’s.  After eating and arriving at the bar, we sat in the back, and in walked Sean and crew.  Mike proceeded to sit down, and cut out mini song sheets and tape them to his keyboard.  He somehow dropped “Dick About Me” and said “Where’s dick?  Where’s my dick?” Of course that made us crack up.  He gave up looking for “Dick” and walked away for a minute, during which time Cheryl found his “Dick” and decided to bring it to him.  It became a running joke for the entire evening between us and Mike. 


We decide to get in line to go into the room where Sean and Full Muscular will be, and who should I get in line behind, but Scott Leonard.  I almost fell over.  I didn’t even see him.   Then, a baldness becomes apparent to me, it’s Elliott!  He was literally right in front of me.  I don’t know how I missed him, I think Debbie might have been behind him when I first got in line. Jade and Karen found their way, and got to the club around 9pm, at which point Jade starts freaking out because…there was Scott right in her way.  She was one shocked JadeyChan.  We all said our hellos and stayed in line.  Elliott turned around to me and we started a conversation.  He asked how I felt about the news of Barry’s retirement from Rockapella, amongst other things.  I told him that I was shocked, and a bit saddened by Barry’s leaving, but if that was what he wanted/needed to do, then I totally respect his decision, and hope that Rockapella will be able to find another bass to fill his big shoes.  (literally and figuratively.) We talked about the new album, auditions for bass, the Pella Miles book I made, etc.  There was also a portion of conversation when Elliott asked me how old each member of Rockapella was.  I was like, shouldn’t YOU be the one to know this information?!?!  He laughed.  Apparently, my guess of 52 was low for Barry’s age, as Elliott said “something like that, yeah.”  


Besides Scott and Elliott, we were also graced with the presence of Jeff, Phil and Steve (Keyes formerly of Rockapella circa 1988).  I think I said hi to all of them but Jeff, but that’s par for the course hehe.  Phil, as usual, forgot ALL our names.  He redeemed himself in Delaware by remembering my name there (a whopping 24 hours later).  It was a great night.  Sean was excellent, as usual, and from what I can tell he sold a lot of CDs.  I couldn’t believe how many people showed up for his party.  I’d never seen that place so packed for Sean in my life, it was great.  Sean even had Elliott come up and sing “Town No More” with him like he did at the Bitter End this past summer.  Ok, enough about the night before Rockapella right?


Saturday morning, Amy and I get up around noon and get ready for the show.  We had to leave NJ around 2pm cuz we wanted to make sure we had some getting lost time just in case.  We ended up not getting lost on the way there, and got there by 4:30pm.  So, we went and killed time at the Dover Mall.  Exciting place, I’ll tell ya.  All malls looks the same.  Its weird.  I did get an idea as to what to wear with my new skirt for the next gig so the trip actually was beneficial. 


We left the mall at 5:15pm to go to Applebee’s to meet Sue, Louise, Jade, Karen, and Michelle.  We had so much fun at dinner, the highlight being Michelle burping really loudly on purpose to prove to us that she was better at it than we were. (Yeah, so what we were burping but until Michelle’s they weren’t really that audible.) Unfortunately for her, the worker guy happened to come to our table with some food when she did it, and he said “Good god!” to her happy sound.  We all laughed for about 20 minutes.  It was classic.  We finished up everything and left around 7:00pm, caravanned to the venue, and made our way in to our seats. 


Row CC.  The third row.  Not bad.  It was a SOLD OUT show! The venue was gorgeous.  The venue was just built and has only been open for 6 months (or maybe it was renovated, I’m not sure of the logistics of that hehe.) Either way, it was a great venue for an even greater show.  I got to meet a friend from online, who is from Ohio.  He heard Barry was retiring soon, and he and his a cappella group came from Ohio to Delaware to see Rockapella!  But even better was I finally got to meet another person I’ve been talking to for months. 


Finally, its time.  The house lights dimmed, and we saw random pellamen in the wings.  Then, a local radio DJ came out to introduce Rockapella.  I didn’t hear what Louise said to Amy, but I believe it was something like “that isn’t Rockapella” and then Amy says “He’s bald….” It became one of those moments when the entire earth was silent except for 1 voice.  That voice, belonged to Amy.  He, noticably embarrassed, said “Hi I’m so/so from so/so radio station, and yes I am bald…” It was funny.  We felt bad that we couldn’t explain what really happened, but at any rate, most of the audience got a laugh out of it.  He even used it for his exit, he said “I’ll go now before the reflection gets to be too much.”


So, bald man leaves, and Rockapella starts.  The night opened with House of the Rising Sun.  The usual.  Barry did the group intros, during which Kevin decided he was gonna sing “I’m the good ship, lollipop” and that became the running joke for the evening.  Scott was Dorothy Hamil later on in the evening, figure skating across the stage (as well as a man in a suit can figure skate that is.) A few songs later, its time for 16 Tons.  We decided that we wanted to let Barry know how we felt about him, so instead of our usual callouts, we replaced them:

Barry:  I was born in driving rain…

Us:  Four more years!
Barry: Fightin’ and trouble been my name…

Us (Amy, Jade and I):  We love you Barry
Us (Sue and Louise): Godspeed!

Amy claims that Barry got a bit choked up after that, but I actually didn’t notice.  Either way, the audience loved it, and Barry seemed to enjoy it.  After 16 Tons was Use Me, during which I squealed and didn’t mean to.  It was that one part, that backup, it’s a “way-ahh” that El and Kevin do.  It gets me EVERY time.  So, I squealed.  If you don’t know the part I’m referring to, you haven’t listened to the song enough! 


Lots and lots of other songs occurred, but nothing monumental happened so I’m not gonna go on and on about them, unless you really want me to, then IM me and we can chat.  The boys did a few encores, during which they sang Don’t Tell Me You Do.  I look down the row, and Sue is bawling her eyes out.  I’m already almost crying because Barry is standing in front of me singing and I’m thinking about how he’s leaving sometime in the near future, so I reach across and hold amy hand with my left hand and louises hand with my right hand, and expected the rest of them to follow suit, which they did.  Yeah yeah we are close friends, love us.  We made it through the end of the song, a little wet.  Then, Rockapella dropped ANOTHER bomb on us by doing the Star Spangled Banner.  Their version is the best I’ve ever heard, but in light of the September 11th attacks, I’ve not been very successful at listening to them sing it without crying.  That song ends, and they do Keep On Smilin’ and we wipe away our tears and get happy for them.  When we cry too much, they notice and think major things are wrong, they still don’t realize the impact their music has on people. 


We made our way out into the lobby of the building, where we find Phil.  He tells us that there will be a meet and greet on the upper level, so we head on up, get pretty in the bathroom, and get in line for the meet and greet.  The meet and greet was great, as usual, but its never great until they get up from behind the table and come and talk to you.  I don’t know why, less inhibited I guess.  Oh, but rewind a second and pretend they are still sitting there.  Me in my infinite randomness, remembered after I had gone through the line, that I needed to ask Scott what kind of shampoo he used.  So, I got up from the bench I was on, across the room, saw that he wasn’t talking to anyone in line, and that Jade was talking to Elliott (she won’t mind if I jump in real fast) and I asked Scott my question.  At first, he looked at me as if I was speaking Swahili.  Then Jade was kind enough to explain what shampoo was to him, and he answered.  Hehe.  That’s right folks, C. Scott Leonard IV told me he uses “Pantene Pro-V 2 in 1 Sheer Volume” shampoo and conditioner.  Now you know you’re gonna run out and buy it.  He said, he doesn’t ALWAYS use it, because its kinda expensive.  He’s so cute.  But don’t tell Kevin I said that.  Ok, back to Rockapella not being at the table…


We stood in a circle talking to Barry, and somehow the subject of dyslexia came up, and I said “I can say my entire name backwards” (and proceeded to prove it by saying it) then Barry says, “I can too!” and he says his name backwards.  See, I’m not the only weirdo with time on their hands to figure out how to say a name backwards.  At the end of the backwards conversation, Barry said he had to go have rennid and I wanted to die cuz Sue says that every single day.  It ruled.  Ok, time for the hugs.  Barry hugged me longer and harder than he has ever hugged me before.  I don’t know if its his whole leaving thing, that he’s more emotional, or what it is, but I’ve never been the 1st to let go of any pella hug I don’t think, and yet I was for this one.  It was just as you’d expect from Bear, strong, simply massive, made you feel as if no harm could ever come to you.   His wife is one lucky woman hehe.  Next, I get a Kevin hug (about 5 minutes later in a different area of the room.) Another monumental hug.  He hugs me at every show, but this time was way better than most of his hugs.  It just ruled.  He needs to stop being so married.  Ok, maybe not, but I can dream right?


The guys make their way out of the room, slowly but surely.  We said goodbye to Scott as he left, and he turned around and said “See ya later guys”.  I think we also got a “See ya next time” cuz we go to every show it seems.  Hehe.  Ok, if they are gonna twist our arms I guess we will have to…


The ride home was pretty much noneventful, except Amy and I almost died on an unfinished bridge that we drove over.  Ok, so it WASN’T unfinished, but it LOOKED like it could be.  And it was foggy, and really scary.  We had missed the exit to get onto 13, and ended up on the evil bridge.  It only took us about 3 minutes out of the way, til I turned around and crossed the evil bridge again.  The rest of the ride home, was smooth sailing, with conversation consisting of “I Love Them” being said about 15,000 times in various ways. 


**sigh** We love them.

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