It's about that time again. Time for me to ramble on about accounts of insanity in other states due to my Rockapella addiction. Let's get this party started...

This most recent excursion started on Saturday morning at 8:30am. Amy and I got up and got ready to leave by 9:30am, because we had a 12:15pm flight and you never know how insane the airport is going to be. After driving around the Newark Construction Zone, aka Newark International Airport, we finally find our way to the "economy" parking which ended up being like a million dollars for the 28 hours we were there. Nice economy they are participating in. We hop the shuttle to the Terminal for Air Trans. Don't fly on Air Trans, unless they are ALOT cheaper, and you don't care much about being sick on the flights for all ascending and descending of the trip. I just had a horrible time on their planes, lack of oxygen or something. Anyway, I'm skipping too far ahead. We get to airport security, and I'm the subject of a random "let me go through ALL your stuff and even take your money out of your purse because I think I'm cool for working security" inspection. They ransacked my bag. I had everything in a very precise order. When he was done, all my clothes were in a ball and things didn't fit back in right. Not to mention my purse was in my suitcase, and he had to open all 15 zippers of my purse for some reason. He decided to joke around with me and say "Do you know what I am looking for?" and pulls out some money. I said "you're looking for the tampons and you know it." He laughed. I could have dealt without all my things being picked through, but oh well. We flew. The plane sucked, we landed. As we are getting off the flight, me in my infinite wisdom looked into the cockpit on the way out where the captain was looking out at us and giving us the usual "have a nice trip" speech to which I said "you're cute!" and I believe he said "yes, I am." The other airline dude, I don't know if he was co-pilot or what but he was in the walkway thingy that connects the planes to the airport, he started laughing his ass off. I'm glad to provide such amusement for the general airline working class.

We arrived at gate like QQ300,000,000 and had to walk all the way to the Baggage Claim to meet Sue. It can't be that far, we'll just walk and not take this train thing they have running cuz its probably unnecessary. Yikes. Big mistake. We were walking for about 30 minutes I think. It was incredible. I think we ended up in South Carolina by the time we got to the baggage claim area. Yay Sueness! Here we are, in Altanta - I mean Atlanta. For some reason Alt.mania (Sean Altman - buy it) has plagued my mind and now I can't ever type Atlanta correctly. We find the MARTA Raid Rail system and make our way to the hotel. About 30 minutes later, and one wrong rail stop, we got off at the right stop, the Midtown N4, and quickly found our hotel, adjacent to the station. We chill out at the hotel, get some ice cream at a gas station across the street, then start getting ready for the show. We left the hotel at 7:00pm to meet Barb and family at their hotel down the block. Unfortunately, Barb wasn't feeling well, so we ended up just going with her husband Gene and their two kids Scotty and Amanda.

At the venue, we take our seats, ALL over the auditorium. Amy and I were on opposite ends of row D (9th row) but the row had about 46 seats in it. Sue was on the same side as me, but 4 rows behind me. The show started with 2 local groups. They were ok, but we were getting antsy for our pella. As Louise would say "That's NOT pella." (refer to DE's review if you are confused on that one.) Finally the local groups left and there was another brief intermission before Rockapella took the stage. All the diehards gathered in the corner near where I was sitting and chatted til the lights dimmed. The show began. House of the Rising Sun, in all of suited Rockapella splendor. Yay. It's them. I love them. The show continues on, as shows do, if you want to see the setlist go to my previous page and click on the link. The show was full of references to Georgia Tech, and yellowjackets and the cheetah. Some of the funnier moments of the show, were as follows. 16 Tons was funny, though it got confusing. Since the 3 of us were sitting all over we decided to divvy up the shout outs, and totally confuse them on stage, which actually worked, however, someone else jumped in on our routine and totally screwed it up. Barry just looked all over and smiled. It was cute either way. The shout outs just weren't as clear and concise as usual since someone shouted something, out of order.

During Don't Do it, El made his way into the audience to sing to some random member, and he chose a woman in the first row. (This was their second time at the ferst - as said by El.) El sang to her, and sat on her lap/arm of the chair as usual, but then much to his surprise, she LICKED him! No folks, that isn't a typo. She dragged her tongue across his face. He was flabbergasted. He even forgot what he was singing for a line. That little occurrence caused Kevin to call El "lickface" for the remainder of the night.

Another particularly funny segment was the pretty woman segment. Kevin went ALL the way to the top of the theatre to choose his pretty woman for the evening, Francis. He brought her onstage and she enjoyed the usual introductions, along with Jeff petting her repeatedly on the arm cuz he liked her jacket. They literally had to tear him off her to introduce her to bear. So, Kevin sits her on the "Rockapella Stool" and starts making small talk. My personal favorite was this:

Kevin: So, what do you do?
Francis: When?
(audience busts out laughing, Kevin gets embarrassed and says…)
Kevin: Well, everyday we wake up, pour ourselves a cup….(audience laughs)
Francis: Oh, I'm a bookkeeper.
(I think that was her reply, either way, she was hysterical)

Kevin at one point asked her what type of music she listened to, and she said gospel. Well, Scott decided to add an "Amen" to Kevins intro, to which Kevin picked up and started with the "gospel hands" (you really had to be there to know, else watch a lot of religious/gospel channels hehe.) Kev hammed it up with that theme for most of the song. Francis was a great Pretty Woman. She had a lot of fun up there, dancing her booty off. She really looked surprised, and happy. Everyone in the audience, and in Rockapella, really enjoyed her.

The rest of the show went as normal. Unfortunately, it ended, but we knew there would be a meet and greet so there was no point in getting sad just yet! Most of the theatre emptied out, so the meet and greet wasn't as hectic as it typically is in the northeast. Some notable moments from the meet and greet would be: Elliott and the sweatshirt. For pics of it, go to my pictures page. Elliott had on a Sex and the City hooded sweatshirt, and we wanted to take a picture of it. Well, the hood was covering some of the word "sex" so Tonya went up to El, and asked him if she could move his hood a little, and he was all perplexed but of course he agreed to it. Actually I'll quote Tonya on the conversation: "Tonya: "El, can I move your hood just a little?" El: "Ok. Why?" Tonya: "We're trying to get the Sex." El: "Ok." turns back to the people in front of him for about 3 seconds, then looks back and says, "What???" and laughed." So there you have it folks. Directly from the Yahoo club, hehe. Thanks Tonya! (just wanted to give you your well deserved props!)

Now its time for Jenn's randomness, all the randomness that's fit to print. At the meet and greet, Kevin told me I looked nice, sigh. I got to talking to Bear while at the table, and he mentioned all this "outtake" footage from Carmen. We were making nice with him and were asking him (ok begging same thing) if he'd share, and he gave us the eyebrows. The "sexy" type eyebrows. The up and down thing. It was funny. So, I decided to go behind him, and wrap my arms around him and rub his chest. Yowee. Jenn needs to chill hehe. He seemed to enjoy it though for what its worth. We still didn't get an answer on the tapes though hehe. Then I was still behind him and he was signing something and I noticed these huge curls he has on the bottom of his hair, so I played with them. He turned around to see who it was, saw it was me, and was cool with it, to which I commented on how I loved the curls, and he then talked to me about his hair for a minute. Yay Barry. I think he's secretly enjoying the added attention he's been getting since his announcement. Another fun moment was when I saw Phil standing all alone in need of love. (well he didn't know he needed the love but I knew hehe.) I walked over to him with my arms out and said "I'm hugging you now" and he was all "Ok!" and he wrapped his arms around me. He might actually be second to Barry in the hugs department (no offense Kevin but you sometimes do the 1 arm not as strong hugs hehe.) Phil said "I'm a good hugger aren't I?" it was cute. I'm glad that Phil has grown to like us. He's come a LONG way since Lincoln Center. We love you Phil!

Oh yeah, on the way out of the venue, Jade had called Amy and Amy was passing her around. Well, somehow Sean got on the phone (cuz he was there doing a house party) and Amy said "Here, talk to Jenn" and handed me the phone. Funny. I talked to Sean Altman on the phone. He told me that his gig wasn't the same without me there on shakers. Sigh. I told him to hire me on full time. Hehe. Then Sean gave me back to Jade and Jade and I talked about the party and the concert but then we had to hang up because Jade was going to be spending a zillion bucks on that phone call.

OK. The meet and greet is over. Sadness. However, we are all going to go out to Houlihan's and hang out and eat some dinner. Or, so we thought. After spending about 10 minutes in the parking lot of the Ferst, we left for Houlihan's. We couldn't find it. We drove and drove, took several wrong turns, and then finally found it. YAY we are here! And they said they are open til 2am so we still have time! Wait…why is the door locked!! Some employee came out, and we said "we called and you said you were open til 2" and he said "they lied to you." Grrrr. So we spent all this time looking for a place that had been closed for over 30 minutes anyway. So, ok fine, where can we go? He suggests an IHOP that is "just down the street." Yeah, right. That must be a running joke in Atlanta. Down the street equals "in the next state." We drove and found a TGI Fridays, and there are open til 1am! Yeah! Unfortunately their wait list was 45 minutes. We left for IHOP. We got stuck in the MAJOR traffic jam on peachtree for about an hour. We ended up having to get drive thru Mc Donalds. It was a MESS. We finally got back to the hotel around 1:30am. So, Atlanta is evil, but Rockapella is always worth it.

We got a whole 3 hours sleep before we had to get up for our suck o' clock flight back to NJ. We got to the airport, and who should we see? Its Elliott and Jeff. Such a HUGE airport. I am still amazed we saw them. We said hi, and they came over to us. Elliott was sweet as can be as always. Jeff looked SO tired. At one point Jeff saw a man walking by, with his kid on his shoulders. The kid was dressed like Spiderman. Next thing we know, Jeff goes "Hey, there's Spiderman!" and wanders off, never to be seen again. Silly Jeff. I'm sure Elliott found him later. Elliott then told us the story of his watchband, and how he refused to pay extra for it (in response to our being screwed over by our hotel.) It was a cute story. Elliott filled us in on some possible new dates for Rockapella, one of which he said "hmm thats probably too far right?" to which I looked over at him and said "El. We are standing in an AIRPORT in GEORGIA!" El laughed and did that bend at the knee lean back thing that he does when he laughs. It was awesome. He thanked us for waking him up. Yay for Rockapella even making our trip home, a more pleasant one! Boo for Air Trans for trying to make us throw up on the plane. :-(

However, despite the bad hotel and bad airline, we had a great time hanging out with eachother, romping around in a strange city, and just having fun. Thanks for giving us a reason to get together, and be happy! See you in June?? Hopefully there will be some last minute add-ons in April or May :-)

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